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Thanks to our technology, it is now possible to bring deceased stars, legends or other people back to life.



Thanks to our technology, it is now possible to bring deceased stars, legends or other people back to life.

We are here for you!

With us you get everything to do with light, sound and video technology. Do you have any questions about event technology or would you like to find out more about our offers?


digital resurrection

Thanks to the perfect interplay of CGI and hardware that has been optimized for years, we can recognize deceased stars and legends  bring them back to the stage.

For more information on the exact process, please contact us.




Our experienced team specializes in offering you a smooth and spectacular event. The positive response from our viewers confirms this. Through years of work with multimedia installations, we have collected a large range of professional equipment from renowned manufacturers. We can also provide you with turnkey installations so that you can enjoy your event without the presence of Musion technicians.  If you need help with planning your event or with the briefing of a specific product, we would be happy to provide you with our services in this regard as well.



PA technology

Quality instead of quantity is our motto


Lighting technology

Stylish lighting concepts for every occasion


Stage technology

Stable, weatherproof and individual structures with heavy-duty traverses


Conference technology

Video decoders and encoders, lecterns, special sound systems and headsets


Video technology 

Cameras, recorders, photo lights, microphones, turntables, effect devices and much more


Projection technology 

Projectors, screens, projection fabrics, LEDs, hologaze

EyeLiner® - HoloStage

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TelePresence is our 3D video conference system. With the development of this technology, a new age of communication has begun. Regardless of the geographical distance, it appears as if the person you are speaking to is in the same room with you. The live transmission in real time as a life-size hologram creates unprecedented possibilities.


By working with well-known telecommunications companies, latency-free signal transmission is guaranteed at all times. If necessary, different locations can be networked with one another and displayed as a high-resolution hologram at one or more locations at the same time.


In times of social distancing in particular, this is a safe and long-term cost-saving option for creating personal levels of discussion at a meeting.


The Holo-Stage is the heart of our technology. This system can be used to display free-standing holograms and life-size people. A high-resolution projection is reflected by our special 3D film. Size and design are adapted to the location according to customer requirements. Perfect for large events, museums, exhibition stands, retail and much more. We offer the stage as a permanent installation or for rent.


In addition to a professional installation of the hardware, the visual content of a 3D show also plays an important role. Our team specializes in implementing your ideas together with you and, if you wish, developing a storyboard. Through years of experience, we know what is important to achieve a perfect, holographic result. If you have an idea or want to know more, please contact us. Our team will be happy to receive your request!



There are no limits to the animated content. This method brings fiction into the here and now. We create a connection between fantasy and reality.



This implementation is a more cost-effective variant and can hold real people or objects as holographic content. All dimensions can be covered in our professional studio. Furthermore, we have the option of producing filmed content at any location with our mobile film studio.


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